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Typically, student interns are: Pre-Medical, Pre-PA, Pre-Nursing, or any other Pre-Health related field. Previous medical assisting experience, though helpful, is not required. However, students should have some academic background in science, medicine or health-care and have an intent to pursue a career in the medical/health care field.

At successful completion of internship, a letter of recommedation will be awarded. Each internship runs for 3-months during spring, summer, winter and fall sessions. An interview is required to intern at Heart and Health Medical!

Interns will gain experience with:

-Taking Blood Pressure
-Stress Tests
-PFT (Pulmonary Function Test)
-PVR (Pulse Volume Recording)
-Metabolism Tests
-INR Testing
-Recording Medical Histories
-Proper Patient Interaction and Evaluation
-IMS Computer Document System
-Assisting/Shadowing Physician and Physician Assistant
-Community Awareness and Volunteer Oppotunities
-Marketing and Advertising (Office Assistant Interns)

Involvement and Awareness

Community Involvement and Awareness

An important part of being a health care provider is giving back to the community. Heart and Health participates in numerous community service activies which interns are encourage to volunteer with and attend.


Monthy Open House Free Screening Program

Heart and Health now offers a free screening program, where community members can stop into the office for blood pressure readings, EKGs, and current medication list reviews. These services are offered free of charge to everyone.

Publications and Articles

Intern Publications and Articles


Social vs. Private Healthcare by Kelly Madden Summer – 2012

Green Tea on Weight Loss by Kelly Madden Summer – 2012

Middle Aged exercises by Danielle Guilfoil Winter 2011 – Summer 2011

Physiological Adjustments to Exercise by Danielle Guilfoil 2011

Fluoride, when complexed with Aluminum, mimics the y-phosphate of GTP falsely activating the immune cascade and stimulating the release of inflammatory moleucles by Gretchen Galvin 2010.

C. Elegans Germline – HIM-17 and ALX-1. by Gretchen Galvin, *Dr. Eleanor Maine 2008

Cholera Toxin and G-Proteins. by Navnidhi Kaur 2010

Stress Induced Cardiomyopathy. by Navnidhi Kaur 2010.

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From Danielle Guilfoil Summer 2011:

“The Heart and Health internship allowed me to not only witness and further understand the aspects of being a physician, but it also allowed me to familiarize myself with all the features of running a medical practice. By having the opportunity to experience a medical professional’s office from behind the scenes, including medical assisting, physician assisting, marketing, research, and Dr. Kavesteen at work, it showed me how much time, effort, and passion it takes in becoming a physician with a practice. Observing my future aspiration, what it entails and being allowed to take part in it provided me with more incentive and ambition to work harder to achieve my goals. I understand more than ever before what it means to become a physician and make a difference in the world by helping those around me. The most rewarding part of the internship was the role I was able to play in helping with outreach projects. I was not only viewing patients being helped at the office, but I was going out raising awareness of how important it is for people to get checked for heart disease at any age. By being able to understand more about the medical office, a doctor’s profession, and how to raise awareness about heart disease, the internship truly gave me a priceless experience that I will always treasure and will take with me into my future career.”

From Kareen Champagne Fall / Winter 2011:

“My name is Kareen Champagne and I am a graduate of Stony Brook University. I applied for an internship at Heart and Health cardiology clinic with Dr. Kavesteen in order to attain more experience in the field of medicine before entering medical school. During this three-month internship, Dr. Kavesteen assigned me various medical topics to research and write about, then discuss with him. From this alone, I learned a great deal about patient experiences with illness, the causes and effects of various diseases, as well as prevention and treatment. Along with research, I also assisted the clinic staff with clerical duties and shadowed medical assistants. I observed how they worked with patients and soon, I learned how to gather patient information, such as vital signs and medical history, as well as preparing and assisting with running cardiology tests, including EKGs, stress tests, heart and vessel sonograms, and T-wave exams. Although becoming adept with the new technology and learning how these tests help to diagnose the patient was very interesting and valuable, there was an even more fruitful aspect of my training. More than anything, I appreciate how the medical assistants and Dr. Kavesteen taught me how to interact with patients and develop my bedside manner in a clinical setting, something which could only be done through careful observation and practice. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Kavesteen and his team of employees at Heart and Health for teaching me so much. The superlative distinction of Heart and Health is not the equipment or the efficiency and accuracy of their work, but how much everyone cares about the patients, especially Dr. Kavesteen, who tries to work with his patients to give them the care and treatment which is best for them. I am confident that everything I have learned at Heart and Health will aid me greatly in my future medical endeavors and I enjoyed my time as a part of the team.”

From Navnidhi Kaur, Summer 2010

” The internship experience was very beneficial to me. I am getting interview for residency and hoping to be matched this year. The internship played a great role in getting interviews.” – 11/22/10


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Internship Staff:

Office Manager: Eilleen Martinez

Medical Assistant Directors: Katelyn Bilek

Cardiologist: David Kavesteen, MD FAAC

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